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Entry #1: First off, fuck the word "Blog." I hate it and all who use it.
I can't explain why and I don't have the time.
The state's going to hell and there are many urgent action-items,
starting with:

Entry #2: And now a word from our sponsor (Coleman, that's your cue)

Coleman sez:
"Please buy our crap"

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Entry #3: Those are some shirts left over from our tour service.
As you know, that's what this site used to be about, until we had to shut down
after those customers complained in the emergency room.
... Oh, and we got in a shipment of cool new hats,
but the design I came up with is also causing problems:

How was I supposed to know what that fish meant? I don't go to the meetings.
I just saw it on a bunch of cars and thought it was kind of cool. The people behind the wheel
always had this puckered look, but I figured driving down here
will do that to you and ... huh? what is it Coleman? ...

Dang it, Coleman, can't you give it a rest? That's exactly why more small businesses fail in Florida ...
Anyhoo, you're probably thinking, "Hey Serge, what's been going on with you for the last year?"
Well, I'll tell you:

That's pretty much been it. One after another.
You wouldn't think they'd be such schedule-gobblers,
but the only places that stays open are the Chinese buffets,
which don't have much money in the registers.
Before last summer, my routine used to be more varied. There was:

And some:

And a little:

But last year it was just:

But there was hope! The magic day was Feb. 8!
That's right - Miami Vice came out on DVD!

Feb. 8! I'd been counting the days,
but the numbers weren't moving fast enough, so I started doing hours now.
Feb. 8! Feb. 8! Feb. 8! It's all I could think about! Now it's passed. I'm bored.
My mind tends to jump around a bit. I can't help it.
Here's a recap of the last ten seconds:

And now a new feature I call, "What's the deal?"

Tourists (sober)

Tourists (hammered)

Chess pieces on sale in Miami: Elian seized by the feds

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